Business loans

Our lending program assists small local entrepreneurs in obtaining loans to develop and enhance their businesses. 

Community Futures Central Island provides repayable funding to these businesses for working capital, equipment purchase or lease, and business purchase or expansion. We specialize in small business loans with customized re-payment schedules. We can fill the financial gap, leverage funds that will take an idea from rocky to possible. Our loan packages can help you when you're ready to start a business, when it's time to expand your business, and help with a smooth exit from your business. Is it time to get started?

  • Work cooperatively with local financial institutions to meet individual needs
  • Financing available for business start-up, succession or expansion
  • Business Counseling and ongoing support - free and confidential

Does My Business Qualify?

  • Is your business idea strong, realistic and workable?
  • Is your business located in the Community Futures Central Island service area?
  • Does your business create or maintain employment?
  • Do you have the necessary skills, talents and experience?
  • Are you 19 years of age, or in the case of a minor, do you have a co-signor?
  • Are you a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident?
  • Is viability demonstrated through a business plan?*
  • Do you have a reasonable personal investment?*
  • Can you provide adequate security?*

What Happens Next?

  • A meeting with a CF Central Island Business Analyst to discuss business concept
  • The completion of a Loan Application Form
  • The creation of a Business Plan - including budget and cash flow projections (which CF Central Island can assist)
  • The Business Analyst prepares a loan proposal, which is presented to a community-based, volunteer Loans Review Committee for consideration
  • A Letter of Offer is presented to the applicant
  • Legal paperwork and security registration are undertaken before funds are disbursed

Refer It!

Do you have a good client who needs access to capital? 

  • We want good business for whom we can fill the financing gap; further leverage assets and /or become a subordinate lender
  • We offer longer repayment/amortization periods; customized repayment schedules to suit cash flow; an option to defer payments on capital loans; no prepayment penalties
  • Wwe do work collectively with  other CF BC offices on larger loan projects and with local financial institutions to meet individual needs


Funds for starting up a new business – if you've got what it takes to be an entrepreneur, we can help you get up and running.


“I'm thinking of starting a business. Am I crazy?”

Crazy like a fox, maybe.

You’d be amazed how many successful businesses were started during a recession. If you plan carefully and work hard, this could be the perfect time to launch your dream. Supplies may be cheaper, good people more available and customers could be looking for change. 

If you’ve got a dream, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including NewBiz — especially for the start-up entrepreneur with a great idea and the drive to make it reality.

Financing to buy an established business – sometimes, buying a successful business is the best way to go.


“There’s a great little business I’d love to buy. But how?”

Great little businesses can be great little investments.

And in times like these, with unemployment rates climbing, buying an established business can make a lot of sense. If you have the dedication, commitment and creativity to be your own boss, self-employment could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in buying a successful business, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including BizBuyout — especially for the entrepreneur who sees opportunity waiting.

Fast access to capital – so you can make a decision to change, taking advantage of opportunities when they happen.


“I need cash fast to seize a great opportunity. Who can help?”

In business, there are times when you just need a bit of cash to be able to react to a great opportunity. And during an economic downturn, the businesses that survive are often the ones that continue to pursue opportunities and keep moving forward.

If you see an opportunity that could help your established business, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including Opportunity Loan — especially for the quick-thinking entrepreneur ready to seize an opportunity.

Financing for key investments in technology – to help stay competitive in our world of change.


“Now’s not the time to invest in technology and training. Or is it?”

You bet it is. During these tough economic times, investing in innovation can be more important than ever for businesses wanting to stay competitive and cater to a shrinking clientele. Developing new products and markets, value-adding, or training staff to use new techniques or equipment could give you the edge you need to survive.

If you’re ready to take that extra step, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including TechBlazer — especially for the innovative entrepreneur wanting to stay competitive.

Financing for young people who want to be entrepreneurs – we’re here to see that you get your first chance to try.


“Good jobs are drying up. Now what?”

Hey — sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

If you think you have what it takes, maybe you can channel your ideas, energy and drive into becoming your own boss. An economic downturn is the perfect environment for fresh thinking, out-of-the-box solutions – and youthful perspectives.

If you’re a young person with a business idea, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including NextGen — especially for the young entrepreneur who wants a chance to make a start.

For people with disabilities – because entrepreneurship can be the best way to get back into the workforce.


“My disability doesn’t affect my business ability.”

If you’re a person with a disability, self-employment can be a great option.

In good times or bad, it can offer people with disabilities the opportunity to create a work situation adapted to their particular needs. If you’ve got the right commitment and attitude, starting a business could be the perfect way to get into the workforce.

If you’re a person with a disability with a great business idea come see us at Community Futures.

Funding to franchise your business – we can help with financing and professional franchising advice.


“I think franchising is the best way to grow. Am I nuts?”

No more nuts than the thousands of other franchise owners in Canada.

If you’ve got the right kind of business, franchising is a proven way to achieve success. And in uncertain economic times, it can make sense to get support from an established corporation.

If you’re thinking of franchising your business, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loans products – including FranchiseRoute – especially for entrepreneurs wanting to explore growth options.

Access to funds to reach into new markets – nowadays, every business has the potential to go global.


“It's a great time to grow my business. Really?”

Guess what – now is exactly the time to grow your business!

An economic downturn can mean opportunity for those who are focused, persistent and creative. Maybe your competition is pulling back, making more space for you and creating the perfect opening for expansion into new markets.

If you need to grow, come see us at Community Futures. We’ve just launched an exciting new line-up of loan products — including GlobalReach — especially for the forward-thinking entrepreneur looking for new places to grow.

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